Cool Science Investigations
The following lessons were developed based on data collected from our district assessments.
We encourage you to investigate the specific needs at your campus and use the lessons that are appropriate for your students.

CSI Staff Support.doc

CSI generic student reflection sheet.doc
Lesson shared by Shannon Cole
Oct.8th LessonStation 1-1.doc
Station 2-1.doc

1-2 shared by Dawn Richardson
2-2 shared by Shannon Cole
Oct.15th Lesson
Station 1-2.doc

Station 2-2.doc

Lesson shared by Telina Kirschke
Oct.22nd Lesson
Station 1-3.doc
Station 2-3.doc

Lessons shared by Shannon Cole
Oct.29th Lesson (CSI review Power Point on Energy Page)
Station 1-4.doc
Station 2-4.doc

November 5th Lesson
Station 1-5.doc

Station 2-5.doc

November 19th Lesson
Revised lesson by Shannon Cole
CSI, natural resources.doc
CSI, Natural Resources picture sort.doc
CSI, natural resources reflection.doc
CSI, Natural resources, fossil fuel sort.doc

CSI, Stalactites and Stalagmites.doc

Dec. 10th Lesson

Station 1-7.doc
Station 2-7.doc
Jan. 14th Lesson

Lessons shared by Anne Clark
CSI review Power Point by Anne Clark (on Energy page)
CSI.Conduct insolate.doc
CSI, Earth Science Part 1.doc
Earth Science part1 station2.doc
CSI, resources lesson, Jan 21.doc

CSI Constructive and Destructive.doc
CSI States of Matter.doc
CSI review Power Point by Anne Clark (on Energy page)
CSI, Glacier Movement.doc
CSI Moon and Earth shared by Cole, Clark, Putman, and Greene
CSI, Moon and Earth stations 2.13.doc

CSI student response sheet by Jennifer Putman
CSI, Natural Resources 1.doc
CSI, Natural Resources reflection pg. 1.doc
CSI, Natural Resources reflection pg. 2.doc
CSI, Natural Resources student response sheet.doc
CSI, Changes over time.doc
CSI, Changes over time - Rock Cycle Song.doc
CSI, Changes over time reflection pg. 1.doc
CSI, Changes over time reflection pg. 2.doc
CSI, Changes over time picture cards.doc
CSI, Properties of Matter.doc
CSI, Properties of Matter recording chart.doc
CSI, Properties of Matter Station Cards.doc

CSI, Adaptation Animal Project.doc